Frequently Asked Questions

How many devices are required?

Bring at less two devices. One will be use as a monitor and the other as a security camera.

Is an internet connection required?

Yes, an internet connection via WiFi or 4G/LTE with a SIM card is required.

Is my security camera feed confidential?

Yes, your security camera video streaming is strictly confidential. Cawice uses Peer-2-Peer protocol. It means that the video feed is not going though a server but directly from your security camera device to Cawice app installed on your phone.

Do you have access to my records?

No. Like your security camera video feed, we do not have access to your photo or video records. They are store directly on your device or Cloud account Google Drive. Only you have access to them.

Is the application secured?

Yes. All data are dynamics and encrypted by SSL.

Which data are store on your server?

We only store your Google email address to secure the pairing between your devices.

Why does my camera not appears in the app?

Please verify that you logged in with the same Google account in Cawice app on both of your devices.

Why I can't watch live my security camera?

Check that your security camera device is connected to a stable internet network and plugged in to a power source. You can also try to restart the application. Is you’re still facing this issue, please contact us.

Why do I see a black screen on both of my devices?

If you’re facing this issue, it means that both of your devices have been set as a security camera. If you’re facing this issue, please contact us then we will reset your log in parameters.

Can I use multiple devices as security cameras?

Yes. For that, download Cawice app on each device you want to use as security camera and log in with the same Google account. Your security cameras will be automatically synchronised with the app on your phone.

Can I use my tablet as security camera?

Yes. For that, simply follow the same instructions as for your old phone.

Is Free version unlimited?

Yes. You can enjoy the free version without duration limit. If you want to unlock all features, please subscribe to our Premium version.

Can I unsubscribe to the Premium version at any time?

Yes. For that, open Google Play Store on your phone, then go to Menu > My Subscriptions then cancel Cawice subscription.