Get a Free home security camera

Cawice lets you turn your spare device into a wireless home security camera then remotely control it from the app on your phone.


No external device purchase or setup fees. A single internet connection via 4G or WiFi is required.


Rather than letting it collect dust, give a second life to your old phone.


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Designed for a daily usage

Secure your home, keep in touch with your pet when you’re out or remotely talk to your kid in another room… you have plenty of possibilities as to the use you could make of a security camera.


Remotely keep an eye on what’s going on at your home.


Stay permanently in touch with your child or baby’s room.


Secure your business, office, store, restaurant or any other area.

Easy Setup within 60 secs

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Powerful Features

Live video streaming, two-way talking, presence detectors, instant alerts, photo and video recording, siren alarm… enjoy the same features as a CCTV camera without ruining yourself.

Live Video Streaming

Watch in real time your security camera feed from the app on your phone.

Two-Way Talking

Listen and talk simultaneously through your camera microphone.

Siren Alarm

A siren alarm ring when a motion or sound is detected by your camera.

Full Screen + Zoom

Don’t miss any details. Enter the full screen mode then use the zoom to watch closer.

Presence Detectors

Motion and sound detectors alert you when an activity is detected by your camera.

Video Recording

All activities are automatically capture by photo and video.

HD Video Quality

Enjoy the best video quality in HD when you’re live watching your camera.

Instant Alerts

Receive a notification instantly on your phone when an activity is detected.

Multi-User Mode

Share easily your security camera view with your family or relatives.

Need more features?

If you are looking for additional advanced features not listed here.

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Data SSL Encryption


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